At a campaign stop in Iowa, Sen. Elizabeth Warren claims that in a secret meeting last year that Bernie Sanders told her that a “78-year-old socialist couldn’t be elected President.” 

“We were just sitting there eating pistachios and complaining about billionaires when Bernie told me that he was too old to be president and also too far to the left,” Warren told the crowd. “I ask him, I go ‘Bernie, if you don’t think a 78-year-old socialist could be President, then who do you think could get elected?’. His answer: Someone slightly younger and marginally less progressive,” said the 70-year-old Democrat who some see as a more palatable liberal alternative to Bernie

The Avocado spoke to Sen. Warren as she participated in an Iowa county fair hotdog eating contest later that day and asked her why she thought Bernie Sanders would tell her privately that an elderly socialist couldn’t win when troves of evidence, including his current insistence on running despite being 78-years-old, suggests that he doesn’t believe it.

“I don’t know,” said Sen. Warren between dipping hotdogs into cups of tepid water to help them go down faster, “but I know what I heard and Bernie basically endorsed me and you have to believe me because I’m telling the truth about this potentially very important accusation but also I don’t want to talk about this anymore so goodbye I have a hotdog eating contest to win.”

 The Avocado asked Bernie Sanders, who was seated next to Sen. Warren and himself eating hotdogs, albeit at a much slower pace, what he thought about Sen. Warren’s claims: “Huh? Speak up wouldja?” said Sen. Sanders before getting frustrated and storming off because the hotdog eating contest is rigged.