Madison Alquarashi does not understand why there is not a cure for Coronavirus yet. “We pay a lot of money in taxes and expect the government to protect its citizens,” said the 33-year-old Santa Monica mother of four. “We want a cure now! And not one of those cures that causes Autism like those other vaccines the government tries to push down our throat.” 

During a phone interview with the Avocado, Ms. Alquarashi explained her frustration at the world-wide pandemic and the inconvenience of staying at home with her kids now that she won’t let her nanny, Esmerelda, in the house anymore. “Esmerelda is a lovely person, but let’s be honest, she lives in Reseda and I don’t want whatever she is picking up on the bus around my children during this pandemic,” explained Ms. Alquarashi, who said she takes social distancing very seriously. “I’ve been very vigilant about staying at home with my kids all day, except for the one pilates class I go to in the afternoon which is really like medically essential in my opinion.”

When asked about the possibility of remaining socially isolated for several months, Ms. Alquarashi expressed frustration that the government has not yet found a cure for Coronavirus. “The government needs to find a cure for this thing fast! I can’t just not go to yoga for three months,” she explained, adding that a Coronavirus treatment is especially important since her family has a history of serious health issues. 

“My children are all immunocompromised and have a history of contracting measles, mumps, and rubella,” explained Ms. Alquarash as she dabbed a cold compress on her youngest, Nathanial’s forehead. “Contracting coronavirus could be really dangerous for them so we need a cure fast,” she pleaded. “And I better not read online when it does come out that it causes autism, in which case I am not giving it to my children.” 

This article is dedicated to the memory of Nathanial Alquarashi.