“What’s with all of this quinoa, Maritza?” Jeffrey Katzenberg asked his new assistant. His desk covered with close to a dozen sample-size cups of quinoa from the Sweet Greens across the street.

“You texted me that you wanted the newest quinoa samples. These are them,” said Maritza, who wants to eventually be an agent.

“I said I wanted the newest Quibi samples,” replied Katzenberg, pulling out his iPhone to show her his text, only to see that it had autocorrected the name of his company to the popular grain without him noticing again.

“Well, why would I ask for the newest quinoa samples?” asked a frustrated Katzenberg. “What wouldn that even mean?”

“I don’t know, I thought maybe you weren’t hungry enough for a full meal and wanted some samples for a quick bite before your dinner with Meg.”

“Yes, I wanted quick bite samples!” gloated Katzenberg.

“Oh, great. So, enjoy the samples.”

“No, quick bite as in Quibi. Not as in quinoa.”

“I don’t understand what you’re telling me.”

“’Quibi’ means ‘quick bite,’” Katzenberg explained.

“Quick bite?”

“Quick bite!”

“Of quinoa?”

“No. Quibi.”

“You want a quick bite of Quibi?”

“No! Why are we having so much trouble communicating? Quibi is short for “quick bite.”

“Why would the name of your media company be short for “quick bite?”

“It’s like the phrase “a quick bite of content.”

“Is ‘a quick bite of content’ a phrase?”

“Well, I said it, so it’s a phrase now!”

“So, you made it up?”

“Look, Maritza, Quibi is a very clever name if you think about it and also the domain name was available.”

“But it’s not a real word.”

“Well ‘Google’ wasn’t a real word either until Google started.”

“A google is a number that is 10 to the 100th power.”

“Please get out.”

“Sure. Do you want me to take the quinoa samples away?”

“No, leave them. I need a quick bite.”