No one likes Art, a study finds. Not a single God-damn person. A surprising revelation given the seemingly immense worldwide popularity of Art and the hundreds of thousands of people that attend Los Angeles Art openings each week. A survey among most attendees, however, found that despite over 98% of them responding “Yes” to the generic question of “Hey, do you like Art?,” 100% of those respondents confessed upon additional questioning that they thought Art was stupid and boring and that they just use gallery openings as an excuse to dress-up and go somewhere.

“Art is sort of gay,” said David Rubenstein-Smith of his bisexual cousin Arthur Totorro. “And he and I always talk about how awful attending someone’s gallery exhibit is.”

The study found that despite universal hatred for Art, attendance at Art galas is at all time highs because attendees like the secondary benefits of attending such events, particularly: exuding the impression of being cultured, European accents, drugs, not feeling like all you did this week was watch twenty episodes of The Office, the possibility of sex, complaining about traffic, selfies, and also drugs. Those, as well as the chance of running into Adrian Brody, the study found, are the only reasons people attend Art events every year. Not because they enjoy Art, which they don’t, because Art is stupid.

When confronted with the results of the survey, 24-year-old Christina Delmonico rejected its conclusion, stating that she “always loved Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night'” as well as other pieces she could totally name but doesn’t want to, but quickly conceded that Art is sort of overrated and pretentious and that she only went to her friend’s opening so she could say that she was doing something when people asked her what she did this weekend.

One of the events Ms. Delmonico attended was the “Overlord Hempmaker” exhibit at the Euphoric Gallery/Café/Clothing Store on Sunset. The gallery featured original (but highly derivative) street-inspired collages by “Overlord Hempmaker,”, an up-and-coming local artist better known as Daniel Schwartzman, son of real-estate developer Hershel Schwartzman, who owns the Euphoric Gallery.  “The pieces are meant to speak to the struggle of being a minority in this country,” explained Mr. Schwartzman as he vaped. When asked what inspired him to become an artist, the 27-year-old said that he always felt the need to express himself, but mostly he liked all the drugs and women that come from being a famous artist.

The Avocado asked Art historian Barbara Dunkin whether people always hated Art or if it was a new cultural development. “People never really loved Art, but they certainly liked it a little more before TV and the Internet came along. Before 1950, you have to remember, the only activity people were allowed to do was stare at Art or die of Typhoid Fever. As better options for entertainment became available, the world stopped having to pretend that staring at a painting for more than ten seconds was fun or emotional, which she admits it never was. “But people have always loved drugs and having people think they are cultured, so Art continues to maintain a veneer of popularity.”