“Capitalism is an evil system that incentivizes people to steal from one another and we plan on destroying it during our upcoming tour,” said Rage Against The Machine frontman Zach De La Rocha. Tickets for the tour, which is sponsored by Kia, are on sale now with seats starting at $300 and VIP Meet & Greet packages available for purchase for Citi Preferred Members. 

The tour marks the first time Rage Against the Machine has toured together in over a decade, a reunion guitarist Tom Morello says is necessary given the state of our world.

“There is such a fucked up divide among those with money and power and those without that we are seeing poor, mostly brown and black people, totally shut off from being able to access important resources,” said Morello, adding “It isn’t reasonable for most people to spend $300 on concert tickets. That’s why it’s so important that we reunite and spread our message of anti-consumerism, sponsored by Kia.” 

The Avocado asked the band to comment on the hypocrisy of charging a cost-prohibitive amount of money to play songs about the fight against economic inequality, but was chastised by the group’s unnamed bass player for being misleading and stealing the headline of this article from a small Mennonite-focused website called The Daily Bonnet.

“You literally stole this headline and you call us hypocrites?” he said as he walked toward his Tesla. “This is exactly what’s wrong with capitalism! It incentivizes artists to act without integrity so they can wring out every ounce of money or gain attention without regard for how that behavior impacts the world. You aren’t even taking a stance against us since we already announced we are trying to prevent scalpers from making tickets too expensive and will be donating money made above face value to local charities.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable retort against my joke–”

“–that you stole” corrected Rage‘s bass player.

“Against my joke that I stole. I’m sorry, I really am a big fan. I just felt the need to post something this morning,” I said, but he had already driven off.

Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of Great Milage Sponsored By Kia” tour kicks off in El Paso on March 26.