Amidst all of the chaos happening across the country, a touching moment occurred when a group of militarized police officers briefly took a knee in solidarity with demonstrators protesting police brutality before going back to brutalizing them.

The Avocado spoke to Police Chief Ron Edwards about his officers’ decision to join the protestors. “I think it’s great,” said the 35-year police veteran and Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard. “Having a few images of police not attacking protestors for the news to show at the end of their broadcast will give the “All Lives Matter” folks something to point to about how not all police are bad.”

“That man shouldn’t have been killed, but it’s just a few bad apples,” posted all of the people you suspected you hated on Facebook alongside a picture of an officer kneeling before a crowd hit with smoke bombs not 45 minutes later. “I just don’t see how destroying property helps things!” they added before turning on Rhianna and telling themselves that they’re not the problem.

The Avocado spoke to protestors about seeing State and Federal police kneel before the crowd in support of George Floyd and an end to police brutality.

“I think it’s pretty great that cops are supporting us. I think it means we’re finally getting through to them and that real change is how America’s police treat its citizens” said 28-year-old Marissa Johnson moments before she was shot with a rubber bullet. “Call my mom,” she told us before blacking out.

Here’s a compilation of police attacking peaceful protestors: 

Here’s another picture of a police officer kneeling:

And here is where you can donate to a bail fund for the protestors