NBC is defending its decision to air a townhall with President Trump at the same time as an already scheduled townhall with Joe Biden, saying “our decision is motivated only by fairness, not business consideration.”

“We previously gave Joe Biden an 8:00 PM start time for a prior townhall, so we just felt, to be fair to the President, we should offer him the same 8:00 PM start time,” NBC Chairman Cesar Conde seriously said. When asked why he didn’t just offer Trump an 8:00PM timeslot any other day, Mr. Conde said he “totally would have” but couldn’t because the remainder of NBC’s prime time scheduled was filled with a fourteen season marathon of the Apprentice set to begin immediately after the Trump townhall.

“The Apprentice is such a classic part of the NBC lineup and we thought it would be nice for the American people to enjoy the nostaliga of seeing “The Donald” fire people in a boardroom during this troubling time in American history. “He is America’s #1 business man, after all!” said Mr. Conde.

We asked Mr. Conde whether he regretted NBC airing the Apprentice for so long because it gave Trump a platform he used to grift the American public into seeing him as a competent business man and thus directly contributed to the hundreds of thousands of people that died as a result of his handling of Coronavirus.

“Nope!” said Mr. Conde from his Westchester mansion.