Following a week of protests that saw the LAPD use rubber bullets, tear gas, and sometimes just plain ol’ run over citizens peacefully protesting against police brutality, Mayor Eric Garcetti has finally promised to discipline the police department by giving them 54% of the City’s yearly budget.

The budget, which was released only hours after thousands of Angelinos demanded the termination of Police Chief Michael Moore for comparing protesters to the cops that murdered George Floyd, would give the LAPD $1.8 billion dollars.

The Avocado spoke to Mayor Garcetti about why he would dedicate so much of LA’s budget to the LAPD when it is so painfully obvious that they have lost the trust of the community and do not seem at all concerned with the safety or freedoms of Angelinos.

“600 black men have been killed by the LAPD since 2007. 60,000 people are homeless. Why are we spending so much money on the LAPD?” we asked Mayor Garcetti who assumed it was a rhetorical question and didn’t answer. “No, seriously. Why are we spending so much money on the LAPD when they kill black people and shoot at peaceful protesters when we have so many social services that need to be funded?” 

After thinking about the question for several minutes, Mayor Garcetti wiped the crumbs from his mouth and said proudly that the LAPD is filled with heroes who protect the community every day who, “all things considered kill a lot fewer people than they don’t kill every year.”

I pressed the Mayor on the issue and his thoughts on the People’s Budget movement which seeks to defund the LAPD and use the money for social and community welfare programs. The Mayor said he did not support defunding the police before leaning in and warning me: “They all have guns and are allowed to kill people. It’s best just to give them the money and not ask too many questions.”  

The Avocado spoke to Police Chief Michael Moore, who previously committed pension fraud, about the budget, to which the veteran officer said “anyone who criticizes the police budget is as bad as the officers that murdered George Floyd.”

Several hours later Chief Moore contacted this reporter to say that he “misspoke” and what he really meant to say was “no comment.”   

Call for Michael Moore’s resignation.

Demand Mayor Eric Garcetti’s resign.

Vote District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s out of office because she loves cops and is a bad lady.

And support Black Lives Matter.