With CW’s Riverdale production being halted, A Quiet Place 2 being postponed, and our favorite talk shows airing with little to no audience, it seems the COVID-19 pandemic has put all of Hollywood on hold. Now, this grim new reality has hit one of America’s most beloved reality singing shows: The Masked Singer.

The Fox Broadcasting Company released the following statement: “At this time, we are sad to announce that due to a worldwide shortage of masks, we will be suspending production on The Masked Singer. It was not an easy decision to make, but we must place our priorities on the health of our contestants first. We send our best wishes to Nicholas Scott Cannon during this trying time.”

A reliable source, wishing to stay anonymous in fear of not being able to collect severance or sick pay (which is, somehow, still not guaranteed by federal law) came to The Avocado to give additional insight into this latest closure.

“It’s not common knowledge to the public, but most of our masks are only used once per show, and we make duplicates for as long as the contestant is in the show. It’s an extreme health hazard for our masks not to be single-use, not to mention disgusting.”

When asked why not just disinfect and reuse the masks, our source revealed that “The Fox Company doesn’t believe in recycling, so all past masked are thrown into the Fox Furnace underground in Television City. And with this pandemic, all mask material from other markets have run dry, halting all production of future masks. We only reuse the masks that are given for our least favorite guests such as Ninja or Sarah Palin.”

There have also been rumors that behind-the-scenes cast and crew actually resorted to stealing masks during the panic. Apparently, even before the global outbreak, five-finger snatching of the fabulous iconic masks was common place.

Music artist and last year’s winner of The Masked Singer T-Pain reflected on the shows mask-stealing past:

“I feel for them. Back when I was on the show, we had to hide the masks from the cleanup crew –  and this was before any sign of a viral apocalypse. Howie Mandel stole three masks from costuming, and he ain’t never even been on the show!”

Show judge and former doctor Ken Jeong offered his medical insight on the matter:

“To those who keep on hoarding our masks, listen to me: I’m an actual doctor. They don’t work, they’ve never worked. Most of our viewers know who the singer is by the second verse, and I have to act dumb to stretch this thing out. So do you really think it’s going to stop a virus? NO! Stop buying our masks. I really need this job.”

Fox also announced that the show Lego Masters will continue as scheduled. Contestants, however, will be required to build wearing hazmat suits and using bleached bricks until further notice.

By JP Siruno

Twitter: @JPSiruno
 IG: @JPSiruno