LA’s new Davis Museum is set to open October 14 as the Echo Park showcase for Leonard and Anabelle Davis’ contemporary Brightly Colored Walls Collection, the founding couple announced Wednesday on their shared verified Instagram account, @lifebelikethisxo. Admission will be free with a $25 purchase of Anabelle’s custom-made wildflower goddess crowns.

The couple, who first met in 2012 while hooking up in a port-a-potty at Coachella after Anabelle mistook Leonard for the lead piccolo player of Mumford and Sons, say they couldn’t be more excited for the highly anticipated opening. “We, like, couldn’t be more excited,” said Anabelle in a video post that has reached nearly a thousand views at the time of print.

The museum’s permanent collection will feature walls in a vast array of colors and textures, promises Leonard. “We’ve spent years amassing the most extensive collection of photographable background colors imaginable. We feel so fortunate to be able to share this collection with the exquisitely beautiful people of Los Angeles and also with their less attractive friends visiting from out of town who also want to be photographed.”   

One of the biggest attractions comes from Fred Segal’s exterior wall florist Gilford Gelford who will display his newest work, “Ivy Growing On Side of Building in Like A Sexy Way” as part of the Exterior Walls Exhibit which will be featured on the Davis Museum’s exterior walls. “It’s the location that made the most sense,” says Leonard.

Other featured artists will include @noneforyouthanks, @holyshitazebra, and amateur lighting director for Carnival Karaoke in Van Nuys @guysandblowupdolls who will be showcasing his latest work,  “Studio Portrait Light Display” of a single portable ring light suspended in mid air.
Construction on the $163 million structure started in March 2017 to the dismay of many Echo Park residents who have called it a “neon-colored eye sore” and “desecration to the integrity of the Los Angeles landscape.” The six-story building is wrapped in an eye-popping, technicolor glitter shell made of fiber-glass and tulle. Approximately one billion Swarovski crystals spell out “love” on the north facing wall in that font used for framed inspirational quotes that mid-western women hang in their bathrooms. 

Upon entering the museum, visitors will encounter “Look At Me”, a permanent work of lights and mirrors crafted by Los Angeles artist Yaaaaaaaaaaaak aimed to immerse museum-goers in a setting of “literally the most perfect lighting” to encourage the “internal exploration of external worth and stuff.”

Despite skepticism from critics, Anabelle is optimistic that the museum will align with LA’s rich culture. “People are already saying things like, ‘Where is the actual art’ and ‘This is just an Instagram trap’ and ‘How exactly does this qualify as a museum’ and honestly, that’s exactly what we were hoping for. We, like, couldn’t be more grateful, it’s crazy.” 

Alsysa Jergens strikes a poses in front of “A Random Bathroom”