Following the release of a video of Los Angeles Police Department officers tasing and beating the shit out of a homeless man in Boyle Heights for no reason, the LAPD promises to make significant changes in their department.

In the video, Officer Frank Hernandez, a twenty-year veterand of the police force with a history of violence, can be seen punching a homeless man in the head and body while calling him a “mother fucker” while his piddly ass partner threatens to shoot the man with a stun gun.

The Avocado spoke to LAPD Chief Michael Moore about the incident who admitted that he had seen the video and was disturbed by its contents. “Our Officers should always be wearing face masks when beating up innocent people,” said Officer Moore. “Masks save lives and our officers should have known better than to engage in their day-to-day police brutality without personal protective equipment.”

The Avocado had initially contacted the LAPD about the incident last week, but had been told that “no cops do nothin’ wrong.” When I mentioned I hadn’t told him what I was calling about yet, the spokesperson apologized, allowed me to ask about his officer beating up an innocent person in the middle of a pandemic for no reason, then responded, “no cops do nothin’ wrong” before calling me a faggot and hanging up.

The LAPD’s response changed, however, following community outrage after a recording of the incident leaked online. On Thursday, the LAPD issued an additional statement that “even though no cops do nothin’ wrong, we have updated our internal protocols to require all our officers to wear masks when interacting with…oh jeez, how should I say this…can’t say black or hispanic or homeless people any more thanks to the liberal media, ah, I got it…with persons reasonably believed in the officer’s sole discretion to be subject to the type of harassment that could go viral.”

When asked why a racist officer’s anonymity should be protected, the spokesperson said: “Officer safety is our most important task.” When asked about the safety of Los Angeles’s residents and how the police would make sure its officers do not continue to harass the City’s marginalized communities including the homeless population and people of color, the spokesperson put on a mask and threatened to detain me if I didn’t stop asking “stupid fucking questions, mother fucker.”