The reboot trend continues in Hollywood with the cult 90s drama My So-Called Life becoming the latest popular television show to find a new so-called life. The teen drama is in pre-production and will debut next year on Disney’s new streaming service.

My So-Called Life was a pivotal show for an entire generation,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger, who was reportedly involved in greenlighting the series. “The show meant a lot to me when I was a young man in my mid-40s and I think the day-to-day dramas of suburban Pennsylvanian teenagers will be just as relevant to today’s forty-somethings.”

The reboot will center around the multi-ethnic adopted children of Angela Chase (Claire Danes) and Brian Krakow (Devon Gummersall) as they attend Liberty City High. The original cast will reprise their roles, with the notable exception of Jared Leto’s heartthrob character Jordan Catalano, who will now be played by Joaquin Phoenix.

“The decision to recast an iconic character is never easy, but when an actor of Joaquin Phoenix’s quality becomes available you do what you need to do to make it happen,” said Joaquin Phoenix before sort of mumbling to himself for a while and then walking away.

This isn’t the first character Jared Leto has played that has been recast to Joaquin Phoenix. Earlier this year Leto expressed frustration that Phoenix was picked to play the titular villain in the wildly acclaimed film Joker only a few years after Leto played the character in the wildly panned Suicide Squad film.

When asked about Disney’s decision to recast his Catalano character, Leto was decidedly upset.

“I don’t understand why everyone thinks Joaquin Phoenix is a better actor than I am. I have an Oscar and he doesn’t!” complained Mr. Leto. To be honest, we didn’t think that sounded right, but Googled it and it turns out that Leto won the Academy Award for playing a transgender woman in the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club, the last possible year where a CIS man could get away with that shit. I also guess I thought Phoenix won the Oscar for playing Johnny Cash, but he lost to Philip Seymour Hoffman which I guess I’m okay with because R.I.P. Phil. 

When asked what drew him to Catalano’s character, Joaquin Phoenix explained that he is always looking for roles that upset Jared Leto.

“He’s too good looking, you know what I mean? I don’t know, I just don’t trust it,” mumbled the actor before he walked away. I somehow understood exactly what he meant.