With the economy at a standstill and mass unemployment gripping the nation, real estate experts predict housing prices will fall to still way more than you will ever be able to afford.

“Home prices around the country will plummet over the next six months from unfathomable to still completely out of reach,” said a real estate agent you went to high school on Facebook. “It’s about to become a buyer’s market,” he posted before liking a picture of your sister from 2014. Creep.

The Avocado asked everyone we know if they were planning on buying a home once the market drops but they were all too busy worrying about how they were supposed to pay back the $80,000 in student loans they have now that they have been fired from their job at [fill in the name of the place you used to work here].

But not everyone is so pessimistic about homeownership. We spoke to a real estate investor who asked to be identified only as “We Are NOT Slum Lords, LLC” who said he plans on picking up several more rental properties in traditional black and brown neighborhoods once the foreclosures really start rolling. “This is a great opportunity for people who already have a lot of money to make a lot of money.”