“From its earliest days, Disney has been a cutting-edge animation studio,” said Chief Creative Officer of Disney Animation Studios Jennifer Lee. “That’s why we’re so excited to reimagine our live-action remake catalog as animated features, starting with Aladdin.”

The Avocado asked if rebooting Aladdin and other live-action remakes was a response to critics who felt its recent string of live-action films were unnecessary. Ms. Lee denied that was the case. “With the box office success of the Lion King and Aladdin, we believe we have created the perfect strategy for milking our intellectual property intergenerationally:

First, we make a really great animated movie that tells a fantastic original story and features beautiful songs. 

Second, we saturate the market with toys and video games and pajamas featuring that film’s classic and endearing characters. 

Third, we roll out a Broadway show that’s pretty good if you don’t think too much about it. 

Fourth, we wait 15-20 years and put out a live-action version that all of the kids who saw the original in theaters go and see with their kids. This is the important part, the live-action movie has to be OKAY, but not so good that you don’t leave the theater a little disappointed and nostalgic for the original. 

Fifth, we wait another two years and release a completely new animated film complete with promotional tie-ins, a toy line, and pajamas. 

Disney is planning to make a live-action version of Frozen, currently enjoying some success as a Broadway show that is pretty good if you don’t think too much about it, in 2028 followed by an animated Frozen reboot in 2030. 

“What’s the point of this article? Is this clickbait or am I actually trying to say something about our culture and its constant need to repackage the same thing over and over again?” I asked myself just now as I typed this…

“I really don’t know. The truth is I spend hours trying to think of something to say on this website every day but I’m not convinced anyone is really listening. I moved out to Los Angeles a few months ago to write but then I put out a piece like this that I don’t even feel is representative of what I want to do or even what I believe. Is this anything more than just shitting on the creative output of hundreds, if not thousands, of good and talented people working in an industry I desperately want to join? I didn’t even see the live-action reboots or the Broadway shows I’m making fun of here, so what exactly am I doing other than talking and seeking validation because deep down I feel if I don’t say anything it means that I have nothing to say.”

“We’re all trying to find our way,” said Ms. Lee, who for the purpose of this story heard the previous paragraph. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to check to see if Disney owns Tangled. Zendaya may be interested in playing Rapunzel if we do!”  

The animated reboot of Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake will be released Summer 2022 followed by a newly animated Beauty and the Beast scheduled for Christmas 2023.