Thirty-four-year-old stand-up comedian Peter Schwatzbaum was at a crossroads in his career. “I was at a crossroads in my career,” said the thirty-four-year-old stand-up comedian. “But that all changed after I saw this sweet leather jacket,” the thirty-four-year-old stand-up comedian said.

After twelve years as a stand-up, Peter, who occasionally goes by “Pedro” to trick bookers at diversity showcases, has decided to ditch the plaid buttoned-down shirt observational humor of his past in favor of a more “in-your-face” leather jacket brand of comedy. “As I’ve gotten older and angrier, I’ve decided my comedy and on-stage attire should reflect that.”

Peter purchased the brown biker jacket from the Zara in Century City. “It’s technically polyester and I think meant for a woman, but it’s still totally something Jeselnik would wear.”

Using his Pedro moniker, Peter will be debuting his new, edgier material at the Laugh Factory’s Latino Night. “I think audiences will really respond to the new material I have about my girlfriend being a bitch and how audiences are too sensitive,” said Peter. “It’s really edgy stuff.”

The Avocado reached out to Peter’s long-time girlfriend, Dr. Katherine L. Waterhouse, M.D. FACOG, about how she felt about her boyfriend using her as a punchline in his new material. “Oh, I don’t mind,” said the obstetrician.

“Really?” I asked. “Not even when he calls you a cu-, I’m sorry. The ‘c-word’ on stage? Not even then? Not even just a little?”

“No. I’m smart enough to know what he says on stage is just his art and not necessarily what he believes,” said the obstetrician. “Pete is a really sweet man and I just want him to be happy. I hope his fake leather jacket and new jokes about how we’ve gotten too politically correct as a society is his path to joy.”